Damage caused by the consumption of drugs and alcohol in the human body through social life

It is incredible the terrible things that happen to each of the organs of the body with excessive and compulsive consumption of drugs and alcohol. One of the organs of the body that suffers most from the effects is our brain, because these substances are toxic and harmful make the whole system and the functioning of the brain are created 100% permanent changes which will last until the rest of our days.

Saddest of all, is that the drugs not only come to harm that consumes it, but everything has its own price drug addiction is one of the main triggers of social problems, where we can see the failure of adolescents in their schools, traffic accidents, layoffs, violence between the others and the ill-treatment of relatives and close friends.

In our houses of Rehabilitation we provide the necessary assistance to each of our clients, who come to our facilities in search of a solution rotunda for their addiction problems. We focus on providing a service emergency hospital so that they can start with their detoxification treatments in an environment of peace, tranquility, comfort, safety and human quality they deserve as human beings who are fighting against a terrible disease.

Many of the communities that are part of our organization are taking seriously the hundreds of people who have been forgotten by family, friends, and society in general because of their relapses in the world of drugs, each month tours of awareness in the different streets of the city, to enable such persons to access the professional help you need, because the damage that results from dealing with drugs and alcohol in the organs of your body and family life are side effects.

We know that many people and families who have a family member with addiction problems might not otherwise be able to afford certain expenses that are required in many rehabilitation centers, but we are confident that if you join their efforts and desires will save a life, could not only achieve extra expenses for the treatment, but that could save many more lives.

We invite each and every one of the friends and family who have a loved one plunged into the dark world of addictions to enter our houses of rehabilitation where they will receive all the professional help you need.